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What are the best-selling health books from 2023?


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Major publishing distributors Nippon Publishing Sales (Nippan) and Tohan have announced their annual bestsellers for 2023. What kind of books were read the most last year?

6 books ranked in the practical book ranking

The following six books were in the top 10 in Nippan and Tohan’s ‘Practical Book’ category.

・”What are those people in their 80s whose brains do not age doing?”
Mr. Tsuyoshi Nishi (Ascom)
→Nippan, Tohan 3rd place

・“How to lower blood pressure without relying on drugs (Paperback version)”
Mr. Masatoshi Kato (Achievement Publishing)
→4th place in daily sales

・“The world as seen by people with developmental disabilities”
Mr. Toshiro Iwase (Ascom)
→ 5th place in daily sales, 4th place in Tohan

・“Daily Brain Activity Special: Driving License Cognitive Function Test Measures Driving
Brain Strengthening Drill”
Professor Yoshihiko Koga et al. (Bunkyosha)
→Tohan 5th place

・“A guide to eating that will quickly improve your kidney function without having to exercise
too much”
Mr. Masahiro Kozuki (Bunkyosha)
→10th place in daily sales

・”Doctor’s Drill that will sharpen your brain just by solving one question a day – devised by a
neurosurgeon based on medical evidence”
Mr. Hisashi Ishikawa (Ascom)
→Tohan 10th place

A book that teaches you how to keep your brain healthy

The book that came in third place in Nichiban and Tohan’s practical book rankings was “What are those people in their 80s whose brains do not age doing?” written by neuroscientist Tsuyoshi Nishi. It was published in August 2022 and has become a bestseller with over 200,000 copies sold.
The average lifespan of Japanese people is over 80 years old for both men and women, and women’s average is approaching 90, but rather than just wanting to live for a long time, there are more people who decide that if they want to live a long life, they want to be healthy.They want their brains to stay healthy.’
This book is about people with “senile brains” whose brains age by repeating the same arguments, becoming emotional, and whose memories become vague, and people who are youthful enough to try new things no matter how old they are.
The theme is: What is the difference with “superagers” who live fulfilling lives?
When we often forget words or can’t remember people’s names, we think, “This never happened when I was younger…” and wonder if our brains reach their peak in our 20s and 30s.
But, happily, that doesn’t seem to be the case. According to Professor Nishi, brain function peaks at different levels depending on each ability, and vocabulary peaks at age 67, which shows that people’s abilities continue to grow even after their 50s.
So, how can you maintain your brain’s “peak” function for a long time and stay youthful for life? A specific method is proposed.

Brain books are popular

Regarding the brain, “Mainichi Brain Activity Special: Driving Brain Strengthening Drill for Driver’s License Cognitive Function Test” and “Doctor’s Drill to Sharpen Your Brain just by Solving One Question a day” are also included in the rankings.
On the other hand, the Nonfiction category includes Taro Yabe’s “Manga Boke Biyori (Manga Dementia Diary)” (Kanki Publishing) and Eiko Fujii’s “A 91-Year-Old Psychosomatic Physician Who Lives with Moderate Forgetfulness”. “A doctor’s office that puts your mind at ease” is also included in the rankings.
While we strive to maintain a youthful brain and body for life, it may be important to accept that it is natural for our bodies to decline to some extent as we age.
It would be great for you to find your own “moderation” while reading various books.

Nippan “2023 Annual Bestseller”
Tohan “2023 Bestseller of the Year”

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