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What are the health book bestsellers of 2022.


Happy new year!
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Tohan and a major publishing agency Nikkan (Japan Publishing Sales), announced the annual bestsellers for 2022 last year. What health books were read in 2022.

Top Selling Health Book of the Year

The top ten of the annual best-sellers of both Nikkei and Tohan are “80-year-old wall”(Gentosha) and “70-year-old is the crossroads of aging” (Shisosha), both by psychiatrist Hideki Wada.
“80-Year-Old Wall”, published in March 2022, has a cumulative publication of 530,000 copies, putting it at the top of the annual bestseller rankings in both daily sales and Tohan.
Although it is said that we can live to the age of 100 years, the average healthy life expectancy is still 72 years for men and 75 years for women. What should we do to overcome the “80-year-old wall”?
As a psychiatrist specializing in geriatrics, Dr. Wada, who has seen many elderly people, teaches, “If you are over 80, you should live your life without restraints.”
Combined with his witty narrative, I believe that it serves as a guide to living happily in old age for readers who feel the wall of being 80 years old, and for their children.
“70 years old is the crossroads of aging” was published in June 2021. The author asserts that the 70s are different from the old days, that it is the “last active period” in which you can extend your active career, and that how you spend your 70s will affect the way you age later. This is a book that discusses how to live in the important 70s.

Three best-selling health books in the practical genre

The following three books are in the top ten of practical books in the yearly bestseller ranking by genre of daily sales.
● “Stiff shoulders, constipation, sagging, swelling, and depression – solve them with your own hands!” Self massaging” (Mina Sakita, Nikkei BP)
A comic essay by Mina Sakita, an illustrator who is known for “Zubora Yoga” and “Sugoi Stretch”. Along with an explanation of why loosening that area relieves discomfort, it also teaches you how to do self-massage with easy-to-understand illustrations.
● “How to walk in the world of dementia” (Yusuke Kakei, Rights Publishing)
Dementia is a condition in which cognitive function declines and interferes with daily life.
However, even with the same issue, the problem behind it is different for each person. This book tells 13 stories based on interviews with dementia patients about how the world feels to people with dementia. This is a book that allows you to learn about dementia from the actual personal perspective of those who have dementia that has never been seen before.
● “Blood sugar drops quickly without exercise: Dictionary of to how to eat” (Satoru Yamada, Bunkyosha)
The author is Professor Satoru Yamada, who is known as an advocate of low carb. While introducing examples of actual patients, this book teaches about “how to eat for lower blood sugar levels = gradual carbohydrate restriction”.
As we enter the New Year, many of us may have aspirations for a healthy life and exercise habits. Health books will give you hints for that, and when you read them, you’ll resolve to do your best, and it will also increase your motivation.
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