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Exercises that can be done at home during COVID19


The government has begun a “Go to” campaign, but many people still telework (work from
home) and continue to refrain from going out due to the spread of the new coronavirus.
If you do so, you’ll naturally spend more time at home.
However, if you spend more time sitting down and with less physical activity, it’s not good for
your physical and mental health. It may lead to the onset and exacerbation of lifestyle-related
diseases, the risk of depression, and cognitive decline. Also, in terms of preventing infections,
it‘s very important not to sit down too much, and to move your body.
So, now, I would like to share some calisthenics videos that have been uploaded to YouTube,
that can be played at home.

Muscular calisthenics by Mr. Tanimoto, “Yahayaha! Muscular exercise”

This was created by the Ministry of the Environment. The exercise creator is trainer Dr. Michiya
Tanimoto, who is preparing muscles (muscle training instruction) for “Let’s all work on muscular
calisthenics” on an NHK TV program.
NHK’s “Muscle Calisthenics” is only 5 minutes, but it’s pretty hard. However, “Yahayaha!
Muscular Genki Calisthenics” is an approach that you can easily work on at home, so it is a little
less difficult.
There are four pre-workout exercises called “squats”, “push-ups using a chair”, “leg raises” and
“exercises for the back and legs,” introduced in the program.
Anyway, the description is easy to understand. Also, Mr. Tanimoto’s words are charming; he
says things like “A shallow squat is a silly squat,” and “Do you want to work hard, or do you
want to work harder?”
◎Ministry of the Environment x Nudge Ambassador Michiya Tanimoto’s “Yayayaha! Muscle
Genki Calisthenics” (overall)

Frailty prevention exercises in collaboration with “Let’s dance at home”

“Let’s dance at home” was a hot topic announced by Gen Hoshino during the stay-home period.
At Matsumoto City Hospital in Nagano Prefecture, they introduced frailty-preventive exercises
that match the music of “Let’s dance at home”.
“Frailty” is a state in which physical and cognitive function decline from a healthy state to a state
requiring nursing care. It’s important to prevent becoming frail and to recover from being frail,
because people who are frail are more likely to be in need of care if they continue to live as they
And one of the important things to prevent becoming frail is proper exercise.
In this video, warm-up (light stepping, trunk flexion, body extension, stepping) and strength
training (heel lift, thigh lift, abduction, squat) are done to the melody of Gen Hoshino’s “Let’s
Dance.” rhythmically mixed to match.
Two types are introduced, one for sitting on a chair and one for standing, so even seniors and
people who are unsure about their knees or waist can do it while sitting.
It’s a short video of about two and a half minutes, so let’s move while enjoying music.
◎A simple exercise that you can do with “Let’s dance at home” by Gen Hoshino! Matsumoto
City Hospital

Exercise because you’re at home

Three important pillars for frailty prevention are exercise (physical activity), nutrition (meals), and
participation in social activities. Refraining from going out is continuing, and interaction with
others is declining.
However, connection with people is important to maintain physical and mental health. If you
can’t meet someone in person, contact them by phone or email.
And that’s why it’s time to move your body consciously.
However, if you have back or knee pain and are worried about moving your body, please
consult Orthopedics at once.

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