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What is the best selling health book in 2018?


The publishing agency, Nippon Shuppan Hanbai Inc. (Nippan) announced the best selling
books for the year 2018.

In the “Top 20 books in all categories”, a health-related book, “Dietary method taught by a
doctor – the most powerful textbook” (Dr. Zenji Makita, Diamond Inc.), ranked in 5th place.
The content of the book is written by an author (doctor) who has examined a total of 200,000
patients as a diabetes specialist, teaching not only about “not getting sick”, but also “not getting
old”, “losing weight”, and “maximizing 24 hour performance” based on medical scientific

In addition, in the “paperback practical book” category:
2nd place was “Dietary method taught by a doctor – the most powerful textbook” (Dr. Zenji
Makita, Diamond Inc.)
4th place “28 great photos improve your eyesight by looking at them a minute per day” (Dr.
Yasutaka Hayashida, Ascom Inc)
6th place “Long-life miso soup” created by a doctor (Dr. Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Ascom Inc)
7th place “How to control autonomic nerves in comic book form” (Dr. Kobayashi Hiroyuki, Miho
Isshiki, East Press Inc.),
8th place “Just squat to walk for the rest of your life” (Dr. Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Gentosha Inc.)

Understanding what health method suits you

Books on health and medical care appear every year, one after another.
In addition to that, we often watch broadcasts of health programs on prime time television.

While reading these books or watching the TV programs, there is some information that
sometimes makes you wonder “Is that right?” “What’s does it mean?”

Don’t rely solely on statistics – there are exceptions for some people . In addition, even with
health methods that are proven statistically “beneficial”, they may not work well for some.

If you have a “family doctor” with whom you easily feel comfortable, you can also ask questions
related to such health information. Since the family doctor knows your health condition, he or
she will advise you of the health method that suits you best.

Therefore, even though it’s important to obtain knowledge from books, television, Internet, etc.,
in order to know the health method that suits you best, it is also important to have a family
doctor as a good counselor.

Recently, since the establishment of Medical Prime Takanawa, we opened “Medical Prime
Shinkawa”, the second medical mall near Tokyo Metro “Hatchobori” station. We’d like to be the
preferred family doctor for people who live and gather and work in Shinkawa, to deliver “good
Thank you very much.

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