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Exercise is better for your body than you realize


When I went up the stairs from the ground floor to the ticket gate at one station, I saw that
numbers were written step by step. I was wondering what it was but it was “calorie expenditure”.
If you walk up the stairs, you will consume 0.1 kilocalories.
At the place where I went up all the stairs, there was the notation “3.4 kilocalories consumed.
Recently, evidence (scientifically based) regarding the effect of exercise on mind and body, and
the problems of not moving and not walking, has been discovered and generated one report
after another.

Those who exercise have long telomeres
For example, in “Telomere Effect”, co-authored by Ms. Elizabeth Blackburn and Ms. Elisa Epel,
who won the Nobel laureate award in medical physiology, as a method of protecting “telomeres”
which are located in the end point of the chromosome, exercise is listed first.
The telomere is the tip of the chromosome in the nucleus of the cell, like a cap to protect the
bundle of DNA. This is shortened by each cell division, and I knew that “the speed of cell aging
is determined and the death of the cell is determined based thereon.” However, according to
Blackburn et al’s research, it became clear that the telomere not only shortens with age, but
also grows.
In “Telomere Effect”, the concepts that “telomeres of exercisers are longer than those who do
not exercise”, “Exercise gives vitality to intracellular clean-up crews, and thanks to that,
molecular dust does not accumulate in the cells” and “If you do exercise, you can prevent
shortening of telomeres due to stress” are introduced.

Long periods spent sitting increase the risk of death
Also, I’ve heard a lot about talking about the reduction of life expectancy as well.
A study conducted in Australia that followed up with 220,000 Australians over the age of 45 for
nearly three years, found that in those whose sitting hours were “more than 11 hours a day” it
appears that the risk of death was higher by 40% compared with people sitting “4 hours a day”.
By the way, in the aforementioned “Telomere Effect”, it is indicated that “from multiple studies, it
is confirmed that the telomeres of people who only sit are shorter than those who exercise even
a little”.

It is also important to know
Exercise is good for health; life with sitting all the time is not good.
Somehow, I understand.
But, knowing the specific indications and harmful effects, won’t the motivations to “move” and
“stop letting yourself sit” increase?
I think it’s important to know, so that it can be a positive feeling to walk with the calories burned
indicated on the stairs at the station.
And besides, it’s also important to maintain a functional body that can move with age.

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