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Locomo, Flail, Sarcopenia


“Locomo” “Flail” “Sarcopenia”.

Do you know these words?
It almost sounds like a spell, but they are drawing attention as a condition that clearly leads to people needing treatment.

First, “Locomo” stands for “Locomotive Syndrome”
A state in which movement function such as “standing” or “walking” is deteriorated due to a disorder of the exerciser.
It is a concept proposed by the Japan Orthopedic Society in 2007.
For your information, exercise function is a collective term for things related to physical exercise, such as muscles, bones, joints, cartilage, spine, and intervertebral discs.

Next, “Sarcopenia” is a state in which muscle has decreased with age.
Decrease in muscle mass and muscular strength, slow walking speed, etc. are diagnostic criteria of Sarcopenia.

The other is “Flail”, but its definition is ambiguous; it’s a condition of increased vulnerability to stress, a condition that is likely to lead to living dysfunction or need of treatment. Not only is muscular strength reduced and movement becoming slow, it gets easier to fall down. It is a concept that includes social problems such as cognitive dysfunction and depression, emotional problems such as living alone, withdrawal, and poverty.
However, it may be hard to imagine even if you hear that.
Roughly saying – it is that the body is also in a dysfunctional state.
In other words, Locomo and Sarcopenia are the onset of being physically dysfunctional,
while Flail is a state of being dysfunctional in a slightly broader definition. At any rate, if you ignore it, you will be needing treatment. There is still a chance for you to recover.

“It takes more time to cross the pedestrian crosswalk”
“It takes more time to get up from the chair.”
“I can’t walk up staircases to an upper floor”
“I don’t feel like meeting people”

Those who feel this way may already be in the Locomo, Sarcopenia, Flail condition.
Let’s move your body consciously in your daily life.
You can train your muscle strength regardless of your age.
However, those with symptoms such as pain and numbness should consult experts before exercising on their own.

“Takanawadai Saito Orthopedic Surgery Clinic” will open on the 5th floor of Medical Prime Takanawa this spring. The opening is scheduled for April 2, 2018.
Those who are worried about exercise function, or who are suffering from sports disabilities or injuries, please contact us.

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