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~ Oral care to stay healthy forever ~
“About Diabetes and Periodontal Disease” was held.


We invited Dr. Michio Meguro, a dentist at Tottori City Hospital, to give a lecture, “About Diabetes and Periodontal Disease”.

First, there was an explanation about “oral care”, which is also in the subtitle.
The lecture by the doctor was not only about cleaning your teeth, but being concerned about your teeth and mouth (oral care) .

Both diabetes and periodontal disease are lifestyle-related diseases, and it turned out that there are close correlations between the two in the following regards:

When periodontal disease is present, toxins are emitted from the bacteria.

The toxins enter the bloodstream and stimulate the production of a protein called “TNF-α”

TNF-α has the ability to make it difficult to create insulin

As a result, the blood glucose level inadequately lowers, causing diabetes or deterioration.

Evidently, varied research has made it clear that diabetes mellitus is improved by treating periodontal disease.
Also, in the past, dental treatment was avoided for people with diabetes, because the scars are difficult to heal, but now we have begun to treat them.




Oral care – Taking care of your mouth will lead to prevention of systemic illness.
In addition to what you can do, he recommended: having a family dentist who knows the usual condition of your mouth
having a periodic oral/dental examination (once every 3 to 6 months).



 【Points for good toothbrushing】

歯間ブラシ デンタルフロス

  • Move the brush horizontally with small movements (brush the front side of the front teeth vertically).
  • Do not use strong pressure when brushing your teeth.
  • Determine the order of polishing your teeth.
  • Use auxiliary tools (interdental brush, dental floss).
  • Take your time brushing once a day.


[What is a good toothbrush? 】


  • Size: Small one of about three rows
    The vertical width should be about that of the two upper front teeth
  • Hardness: Those with medium hardness are easy to handle
    When gums are swollen and sensitive, use soft brushes when it hurts


Besides this, Dr. Meguro had many stories, but I will skip those here due to limitations of space – sorry.

To Dr. Meguro and to everyone who took part, thank you very much for your participation.


All the staff

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